Emergency Hotline:


24 hours a day / 7 days a week

What is an Emergency?

Gas leaks, odor of gas, damaged lines, carbon monoxide symptoms and water main breaks are all considered emergencies.

If you smell gas, do not attempt to locate the leak. Instead, leave the house or building right away. Do not use any electrical switches, appliances, lights, telephones, or mobile devices, as an electrical charge could create a spark. When you are in a safe place, call M.U.D.'s emergency hotline at 402.554.7777 or 9-1-1.

If someone is showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, call 9-1-1 immediately. Symptoms are like the flu.

If you have a water-related emergency, call 402.554.7777. Our personnel are ready to assist you 24/7. When in doubt, call us immediately.

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Schedule WIR - Infrastructure Replacement

Rider effective January 2, 2014 (Supersedes Schedule WIR effective January 2, 2013)


This rider shall apply to and become a part of each of the District’s retail and wholesale rate schedules. The rate will be applied per meter by customer class and rate schedule. The monthly charge will be assessed in addition to the Service Charge component of their applicable rate schedule.


The purpose of this rider is for the District to recover costs associated with the replacement of cast iron water mains. This rate has been weighted by the average use per customer class. On an annual basis, the weighting, past actual cost, and projected future costs will be reviewed.

Rate - Monthly Billing

Rate Schedule Description ($ per month)
Schedule W-1 Residential Water Service 4.00
Schedule W-2 Commercial & Industrial Water Service 22.00
Schedule W-2 Industrial Water Service 500.00
Schedule W-3 Large Volume Industrial Water Service 500.00
Schedule W-4 Commercial Cooling & Sprinkling Service 22.00
Schedule WWS Wholesale Water Service 500.00


Minimum Monthy Bill

The minimum monthly bill will be the sum of the Service Charge and WIR Charge for each respective rate schedule.


The monthly bill will be rendered at the above net rate. If not paid within 15 days of date of bill, unpaid water charges are subject to a late payment charge of four (4) percent.